Our Programs

- Greetings, Reading & Writings

- Gathering Circle

- Theme Exploration

- Ryhme Time

- Story Telling & Retelling

- Learning Labs

- 15 Minute Math

- Snack / Outside / Gross-Motor Play

- Math Mysteries

- Let's Dance

- Write Away

- Let's Think About It

- Home Hint

- Little Wings Riding Club

Intervention Programs

- Learning Difficulties

- Development Delays

- Emotional & Behavioral Problems

- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

- Autism Spectrum Disorder

- Signs of ASD


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The Child Concept Kindergarten (CCK) - Amman it’s designated for a unique and professional academic and development services for the children (From 3 years – up to 6 years) in the Middle East with disabilities education act of 2002.


CCK is a comprehensive kindergarten program based on research indicating that young children learn best when material is delivered holistically rather than in isolation. Using a thematic approach to learning, CCK addresses all key developmental domains for early learners. Our kindergarten helps children make sense of the world around them, fostering the development of children’s language, literacy, math, and interpersonal and self-help skills and science and social studies concepts.


CCK provides a balance between child-initiated activities and teacher-directed instruction, with emphasis given to oral-language and literacy development.








The (CCK) cooperating with Concept plus training center providing also assessment and therapeutic interventions for children whom need support program.


At the Child Concept, we have a team of specialists with the right skills to accurately assess your child’s needs. These needs are then properly addressed with the right follow-up action, or what we call interventions.

CCK providing the Individualized family service plan is developed in collaboration with families and is based on measurable results and functional outcomes determined by the family with respect to their own concerns and priorities.

Services reflect the cultural, linguistic, and ethnic composition of the state and of the families enrolled.


Early Intervention services focus on the family unit, family resources and daily routines to enhance the child’s growth and development.

Our early Intervention staff work in partnership with individuals present in the child’s natural environment. Our staff will encourage the family’s use of and access to community‐based resources that will continue to support and enhance the child’s development.

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