Our Programs
Greetings, Readings & Writings Welcome children into the classroom to begin the day with reading, writing, and other meaningful activities. Story Telling & Retelling Engages children in wonderful, age-appropriate literature as they make predictions, recall events, and learn new, theme-related vocabulary. The children retell and act out the story and learn story elements through high-level questions. Stepping Stones & Kinder Root Provide structured reading instruction. Stepping Stones activities expose children to letter-sound connections, sound blending, segmenting, and concepts of print. The children are then introduced to the Kinder Roots Shared Stories to engage in partner reading and repetition of phonetically regular text. Let's Think About It Reinforces skills and concepts that children have learned during the day. Home Link Promotes family involvement in children’s education through an activity that links what children learn at school with their life outside of school. Little Wing Riding Club Hours riding club classes for a students and children with special needs. With professional trainers.  3D Cinema 3D Cinema CCK provides a 3D Cinema once a week. Learning Labs Engages children in play and hands-on exploration as they build their own understandings of thematic concepts and math and literacy skills. Math Mysteries Emphasizes number-concept awareness and math-skills development as students construct their understanding of mathematics by engaging in hands-on, language-based, problem-solving activities. Let's Daydream Provides poetry or beautiful prose filled with imagery that children listen to as they rest. Write Away Has children writing about whatever they wish or responding to theme-related suggestions by the teacher. 15 Minutes - Math Engages students in a brief, daily routine of mathematics activities connected to everyday situations. Snack / Outside / Gross-Motor Play Enhances children’s interpersonal, self-help, and gross-motor skills through interactions with peers and adults. Gathering Circle Settles children into a sharing time to promote oral-language development and a sense of community. They learn vocabulary and thematic concepts for the day. Theme Exploration Introduces the daily content focus through the Daily Message. Students explore thematic concepts through books, background videos, vocabulary, and other interactive activities. Rhyme Time Promotes phonological and phonemic awareness and supports theme-related vocabulary through rhymes, songs, and games.

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